Plastic transparent

Our transparent plastic shapes are produced by the injection moulding process. They consist of two halves, which can be easily assembled. To hang them up, there is a small eyelet for both parts. Great decorative art for the christmas tree or a wreath can be designed in or on the form. 


Material: polystyrol


Craft applications 

Mottle, various painting techniques, paste 


Plastic transparent

Kunststoffkugeln transparent

Plastic balls transparent

Ø 40 mm Ø 50 mm Ø 60 mm Ø 70 mm
 Ø 80 mm Ø 90 mm Ø 100 mm Ø 120 mm
Ø 140 mm Ø 150 mm Ø 160 mm Ø 200 mm
Kunststoffkugeln transparent stehend

Plastic balls transparent, upright

Ø 93 mm Ø 140 mm
Kunststoffeier transparent

Plastic eggs transparent

Ø 60 mm Ø 80 mm Ø 100 mm 

Kunststoffeier transparent stehend

Plastic eggs transparent, upright

90 x 70 mm 120 x 90 mm
Kunststoffherzen transparent

Plastic hearts transparent

63 mm 80 mm 100 mm
Kunststoffherzen dosen transparent

Plastic heart boxes transparent

65 x 30 mm 85 x 40 mm

Kunststoffmedaillon transparent

Plastic medallion transparent

 70 mm 90 mm
Kunststofftropfen transparent

Plastic drop transparent

110 mm

Kunststoffstern transparent

Plastic star transparent

80 mm